The Contact

He was a lonely man. His wife had passed away many years back. His only daughter had been happily married since a couple of years. His work barely occupied him for a few hours every day.

He began to experience bouts of melancholy. At times, he suddenly felt like crying without any reason.

A colleague gave […]

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His best friend

His best friend had always been around for him.

His best friend had helped him get through college by managing the revaluations when he had flunked his exams.

His best friend had helped him get a job through his father’s contacts.

His best friend had spoken to the chemist and arranged medicines when he could not perform in his marital bed.

He […]

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The circus

I enjoy watching the circus

Munching popcorn

That I have made.

There she is sulking

Cos her brother displaced her

From her mother’s lap.

I am rolling on the floor

Watching him fret

Over the fluff

I placed on his head.

He has given up sex,

She has given up food,

Some are doing charity

And look at those

Killing each other,

All trying to suck upto me.

Their heads […]

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Their hormones raged.

They climaxed.

And called it love.


One hovered over the other,

The helpless other.

The Unconscious ruled.

And called it love.


They could not stand each other.

But they feared being sole.

So they existed together, alone.

People who did not know them

Wished on their anniversary.

And called it love.


They could not live

Without each other.

One died.

And the other committed suicide.

The bards swooned.

And […]

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His Own God

He prostrated himself before the idol.

He whined. He sniveled. He bawled.

His violent howls shook the pedestal on which the idol was placed.

The idol hit him straight on the head.

Taken aback, he examined the broken pieces.

He saw the hollowness within.

He shook off the dust off him and went to work.

He did all that needed to […]

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An occurence

A foot stepped on the ants and walked away.

The ant saw his brethren maimed and crushed.

Full of righteous rage, he swore at the foot.

The universe moved on.

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The Journey

He had never taken risks or tried anything new. He had always been meek and timid. His friends joked that they will have to do his wife for him. He worked in a small shop, content to follow his master’s instructions. His parents found a bride for him.

She was a bit of a virago. […]

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He chuckled as he thought of the office boy he had agonized and cut off a chunk of salary that afternoon. And then he had given him soiled notes. His eyes narrowed with satisfaction at the memory as he absentmindedly rubbed the edge of the bat of his son who refused to keep contact […]

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You are me

I am you

We are pieces of the same puzzle

Let us complete each other.

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The Maze


Your gender, colour, country

Your parents, siblings, childhood

Form your Maze.


Your Maze will remain

In your head

No matter what.


You will scurry in

Your Maze all your life

There is no choice.


Your decisions while

Running your own life

Will be just a revision

Of the Maze.


Maybe someday you might

Realise the Maze.


You will get angry

With the Maze.

You will get frustrated

With the Maze.

You will get […]

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