The club was very open-minded about the benefits of the colour Violet.

They met regularly and exuberantly sang glories of it. They discovered more and more about its nobility in every meeting from each other. They believed it could change the world.

They felt a sense of sanguine kinsmanship with each other.

If a naive member thoughtlessly mentioned something good about another colour, he was angrily ignored.

Once a fresh member opined that Violet might not match well with Yellow.

This did not go well. People angrily pounced upon him. There is nothing wrong that Violet can do, some screamed. Maybe, the problem is with Yellow, some shouted. Or just could it be that the problem is in the inherent genes of people of this type, some suggested?

That member was never seen in the club, thereafter.

Everyone was serene and smug about it.

After all, he just did not have open-mindedness about the colour Violet.