The circus

I enjoy watching the circus

Munching popcorn

That I have made.

There she is sulking

Cos her brother displaced her

From her mother’s lap.

I am rolling on the floor

Watching him fret

Over the fluff

I placed on his head.

He has given up sex,

She has given up food,

Some are doing charity

And look at those

Killing each other,

All trying to suck upto me.

Their heads […]

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His Own God

He prostrated himself before the idol.

He whined. He sniveled. He bawled.

His violent howls shook the pedestal on which the idol was placed.

The idol hit him straight on the head.

Taken aback, he examined the broken pieces.

He saw the hollowness within.

He shook off the dust off him and went to work.

He did all that needed to […]

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Two in a million

There was an epidemic in the air. Almost every building had someone who had caught the infection. Around two in a million died of the infection due to an idiosyncratic susceptibility in the immune system.

He was admitted in a municipal hospital. He was already in poor health. Always had been frail and prone to […]

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God watched

She and her children were badly treated by her husband and in-laws. Abused, beaten, starved.

God watched.

She prayed to God to help her. To understand the meaning behind her suffering.

God watched.

She walked out with her children one day in desperation. She placed everything in the hands of God.

God watched.

She started her own business bravely. She […]

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God Remained

It was another endless moment in Time. God was bored.

He did what He often did.

He erased His memory. And was born to a starving, devout African mother with AIDS recently widowed with two children in a country with war between tribes. It would be an engrossing experience. For some time.

God was infinite. God remained.

It […]

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Nearer to God

He followed all the prescribed and proscribed diktats of his religion. He felt he was nearer to God.

She went against all that she was supposed to do as per her religion. She felt that following rituals was not a way to be nearer to God.

God was not bothered.

He believed that people who suffered did […]

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