The Journey

He had never taken risks or tried anything new. He had always been meek and timid. His friends joked that they will have to do his wife for him. He worked in a small shop, content to follow his master’s instructions. His parents found a bride for him.

She was a bit of a virago. […]

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Amongst the zillions of stars and their planets

Amongst the stretch of time behind and before

We are inconsequential.

That makes us Powerful

And Dangerous.


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On ‘Positive Thinking’

‘Vacuous Positive thinking’ is the opium of the masses.

The way it is popularly sold and devoured by the masses is that if you fantasize hard enough and long enough for a million bucks – then presto!, you will attract a million bucks. If you don’t, then you did not think hard enough or you […]

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Two in a million

There was an epidemic in the air. Almost every building had someone who had caught the infection. Around two in a million died of the infection due to an idiosyncratic susceptibility in the immune system.

He was admitted in a municipal hospital. He was already in poor health. Always had been frail and prone to […]

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Free Will

Free will means to be able to do what one wants freely.

Does a rat in a maze have free will?

Well, he can move right or left within his maze. Carrying it on further, he can move backwards or not move at all. And so on, he can scratch his paws, look around, sniff a […]

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