They met.

He was the chief guest at the function of the orphanage where she was a carer.

He had been invited by the trustees. She worked as a volunteer.

He stood distinguished leaning on a cane. A small child of the orphanage stood clutching to her.

He, immediately, started speaking about the various donations he gave routinely.

She listened.

He, then, went on to describe the various philosophies of altruism he had learnt in the foreign university.

She listened.

The child started crying overwhelmed by his loud presence.

She sensed the agitation in both of them. She attended to the younger child first, soothing him.

He continued blabbering feeling out of depth inside. She cooed tenderly hugging the child.

The child after some time ran away happily to play with the others.

By now he was at a complete loss.

She asked him gently whether he had had anything to eat. It must be tiring to be a chief guest amidst what must already be a very busy daily schedule, she offered softly.

She brought him some warm milk. She excused herself, after checking that he would be ok, called away by another child requiring her attention.

He sipped on happily, feeling strangely comforted, nurtured and at peace.