We do not know from where we came. We do not know where we will go. We do not know what we are supposed to do in between. We do not know why the whole setup.

We try to make sense of life and reality in our own ways.

I, also, attempt to figure out God’s blueprint amongst other things.

I am into psychodynamics and have had earlier influences of Transactional analysis. Later, I have been influenced by Irvin Yalom, Scott Peck and Neale Donald Walsch. Nowadays, I am beginning to understand life through the eyes of trauma theory and EMDR.

I observe. I think. I write.

I have collated some of my work in ‘Hacking God, Men & Me by a Maverick Shrink: 149 Unpsyching Short Stories & Poems’, available on Amazon.

I hope you like my writings.