I enjoy watching the circus

Munching popcorn

That I have made.

There she is sulking

Cos her brother displaced her

From her mother’s lap.

I am rolling on the floor

Watching him fret

Over the fluff

I placed on his head.

He has given up sex,

She has given up food,

Some are doing charity

And look at those

Killing each other,

All trying to suck upto me.

Their heads are arguing

With their self serving ideas

About me.

That miser is constipated

He cannot let go.

Those two mating

With fantasies of others

Hoping that they will come.

All the characters

Seriously playing

Their existence depending

On it.

Some will provide me

With a twist

With their free will

That is also there

In the mix.

In the end

All will return

To being me.

Like a movie

Returning to the projector.

And I will stare

At my empty popcorn bag.