His best friend

His best friend had always been around for him.

His best friend had helped him get through college by managing the revaluations when he had flunked his exams.

His best friend had helped him get a job through his father’s contacts.

His best friend had spoken to the chemist and arranged medicines when he could not perform in his marital bed.

He […]

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Their hormones raged.

They climaxed.

And called it love.


One hovered over the other,

The helpless other.

The Unconscious ruled.

And called it love.


They could not stand each other.

But they feared being sole.

So they existed together, alone.

People who did not know them

Wished on their anniversary.

And called it love.


They could not live

Without each other.

One died.

And the other committed suicide.

The bards swooned.

And […]

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He chuckled as he thought of the office boy he had agonized and cut off a chunk of salary that afternoon. And then he had given him soiled notes. His eyes narrowed with satisfaction at the memory as he absentmindedly rubbed the edge of the bat of his son who refused to keep contact […]

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The Denial

She lived for her children. Her two daughters and son. She would do anything to save them from trauma and pain.

In her devotion to them she neglected her husband.

Lately, he had started to come late from office. That gave her more time to make dinner.

Nowadays, he would be often whispering and texting on his […]

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Back to Innocence

It was the 25th school reunion.

Most had not met each other since SSC. Many came to show how well they had done. Few came to show that they had not done badly. Some did not come.

After the initial apprehensions, they settled down with each other.

They started meeting frequently. And bantered daily on WhatsApp.

Most were […]

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Four friends met for dinner

Four friends met for dinner. They had been together since school.

The first raved about the sushi he had in Japan. The second rebuked how much so ever delicious, it was not right to take a life to eat. The third countered with the health advantages of eating fish. The fourth remarked that it was […]

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The Couple

They were like most couples.

They beamed at each other and said the right things in public. They tried to look the picture of happiness. Because of some vague fear of society.

When alone, they often became adversaries. Without really realising it. They tried to get their unresolved needs from childhood met from each other. […]

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The Baton

Her father was an alcoholic who often beat her mother. Sometimes he beat her.

Her mother bore the beatings with stoic nobility. She noticed a sly twinkle in her mother’s eyes as she watched her sob. Her mother would tell her crying with a quiet pride that it was us women’s lot to bear. […]

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