Their Three Children

They have three children. They are known as 75.3%, 81% and 84.6%. They have just passed their SSC.

They have names. But that is another story altogether.

They have distinct personalities. They have other skills. But that is another story altogether.

Soon, they will be known as 78%, 80.6% and 86.3% after they pass their HSC. But […]

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The Mute Mother

She was eighty years old. The stroke had left her partially paralysed.

That morning her son shouted at her for not doing her physiotherapy exercises. She did not utter a word.

He yelled at her the following day for not swallowing her tablets. She lay quietly in bed.

The next day he lost his temper at her […]

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The Baton

Her father was an alcoholic who often beat her mother. Sometimes he beat her.

Her mother bore the beatings with stoic nobility. She noticed a sly twinkle in her mother’s eyes as she watched her sob. Her mother would tell her crying with a quiet pride that it was us women’s lot to bear. […]

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