He chuckled as he thought of the office boy he had agonized and cut off a chunk of salary that afternoon. And then he had given him soiled notes. His eyes narrowed with satisfaction at the memory as he absentmindedly rubbed the edge of the bat of his son who refused to keep contact […]

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The Princess

She was the topper in her class. She looked pretty and was popular with the boys as well. Though she had not affiliated with any boy as yet.

She had her circle of friends. B was plain but she was loyal. C was ugly but quick witted. D was coarse but she had a car […]

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Back to Innocence

It was the 25th school reunion.

Most had not met each other since SSC. Many came to show how well they had done. Few came to show that they had not done badly. Some did not come.

After the initial apprehensions, they settled down with each other.

They started meeting frequently. And bantered daily on WhatsApp.

Most were […]

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The Counsellor

She lived in a small city. Both her 10 and 12 years old children were fairly independent. She had the space to start her counselling practice. Marriage and then children had made it not possible to practice so far.

She rented a consultation room and visited all the doctors she could. It was not encouraging. […]

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Once Upon A Time There Was A Man

Once upon a time there was a man. Except he was not much there.

As a child, he would ask questions but be generally shooed down. He soon accepted his early teachings. He realized that it was irreverent to doubt. It was a sacrilege to think for himself. He did as he was told.

He had […]

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The Alone Man

The man lived in splendid isolation on an island. All Alone.
As he bathed in the morning he thought of how his colleagues would be swarming about their workplace. He smirked as he imagined how they would envy him if they could just see him all solitary.

He fantasized as he chopped wood in the afternoon […]

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