She was the topper in her class. She looked pretty and was popular with the boys as well. Though she had not affiliated with any boy as yet.

She had her circle of friends. B was plain but she was loyal. C was ugly but quick witted. D was coarse but she had a car which came in handy.

E was good looking. E was not in her circle.

That day she was feeling pretty agitated. Someone had said that C had topped this time.

She was fuming because C often was stingy with her money and sometimes, squelched on giving her share. Maybe, it was time to ease out C of her circle.

She reached her college office. She had topped again. Everybody had performed more or less as they always did.

She left feeling better. Maybe, C had financial problems. She could always be talked to and the sharing part sorted out. Maybe, she was being too hard on C. Let her be in my circle for the time being, she mused.