He had never taken risks or tried anything new. He had always been meek and timid. His friends joked that they will have to do his wife for him. He worked in a small shop, content to follow his master’s instructions. His parents found a bride for him.

She was a bit of a virago. He was unable to perform in bed. He might have lived with it. Except that his wife taunted him successfully.

His inability to perform now tormented him. It consumed him. His friends’ jeers echoed in his head.

He had heard talk of a naked Baba many villages away. The Baba was known for curing all types of sexual weaknesses. One had to queue up and touch the Baba’s member to one’s forehead.

He decided to go to the Baba. He did not ask anyone or seek reassurance for his decision. He had never done anything like this before.

He left home in the morning without telling anyone. He felt a sense of exhilaration. For the first time in his life.

As he made his way to the Baba’s village, he had doubts and fears about whether he could make the trip. He just shook his head and flicked them aside. It was completely out of character for him.

As he walked, his chappals gave way. He threw them away behind him and continued barefoot.

He reached the village and joined the queue. The Baba stood in his birthday suit in all his glory. Like all before him, he went upto the Baba. He completed the ritual holding the Baba’s shriveled organ, kicking out the feeling of queasiness. He left the place feeling six inches taller.

He reached home late at night. He swatted aside his wife’s worried grumblings and took her to the bedroom.

The Baba lived upto his reputation.