(Continued from Despair)

The rope snapped. He lay in a daze on the floor. He felt resigned and tired. He slept exhausted on the floor.

The next day he woke up with an acceptance of his fate. He decided to just experience his despair. He did not deny it. He did not try to psych himself into feeling better. He simply watched himself feeling despondent.

When his debtors questioned him, he matter of factly said he could not repay them now. They sensed something had changed in him. He did not show fear or make any excuse. They left after a reluctant shrug telling him he better pay when he could.

He started doing a job. He watched himself working without enthusiasm. He observed himself feeling lonely.

Gradually things changed. He was able to pay back his debtors in small instalments. His mood shifted from disheartened to indifferent. His relatives got him married to a widow with a small daughter. They did not expect much from each other and got along. He started feeling moments of joy playing with his stepdaughter. His wife began selling homemade snacks to supplement their income.

He started looking forward to coming home to play with his stepdaughter. A bond had started to develop with his wife. He began taking an interest in his work. He now appreciated the small pleasures in life knowing how fickle life can be. He lived in the present.

Life was not great but he was grateful that the rope had snapped.