Their hormones raged.

They climaxed.

And called it love.


One hovered over the other,

The helpless other.

The Unconscious ruled.

And called it love.


They could not stand each other.

But they feared being sole.

So they existed together, alone.

People who did not know them

Wished on their anniversary.

And called it love.


They could not live

Without each other.

One died.

And the other committed suicide.

The bards swooned.

And called it love.


They understood each other.

Ugliness and All.

They cherished

And cried together.

They howled

And laughed together.

They fought

And grew together.

Each was separate.

And gave space to the Other.

Each was complete.

And reveled in the Other.

The Gods Rejoiced.

And called it Love.