Two men prayed for happiness forever. God granted the first man his wish to be happy always in life. God did not give the second man what he wanted.

The first man was happy. All the time. He was happy whatever the circumstances. He was happy while working. He was happy while resting. He was happy at social functions. Initially, people were attracted to him. They marvelled at his perpetual happiness.

He was happy even if his business did not do well. He was happy even when his wife died. People now began to avoid him. They could not relate to him. He was happy at that as well. He died happy.

The second man lived like the rest of us. He would react as per the circumstances. He felt upset when things did not go well. He felt envious when someone else did better. He was in raptures when something moved him. He cringed with shame on remembering his social gaffes.

He felt worried when his business did not do well. He was overjoyed when he held his first granddaughter. He was distraught when his wife died. People resonated with him and bonded in their own ways. He appreciated that. He died fluctuating between worrying about his children and peace at having lived his life well.

The two souls met in the hereafter. The first soul regretted having missed the complete human experience. The second soul was happy.