He chuckled as he thought of the office boy he had agonized and cut off a chunk of salary that afternoon. And then he had given him soiled notes. His eyes narrowed with satisfaction at the memory as he absentmindedly rubbed the edge of the bat of his son who refused to keep contact with him.

He grinned as he reminisced of the call girl he had roughed up and led to bruise last night. She was still a novice who did not know how to draw lines. His face lit up at the recollection as he distractedly pulled at the lining of the plush sofa he had managed to wrest from the divorce.

His mind was blank as he drank under the portrait of his father. His father would strip him naked until a grown up age and whip him with his belt in a drunken rage. He had never known his mother.

He stubbed his cigarette as he reached for his sleeping tablets.