Their hormones raged.

They climaxed.

And called it love.


One hovered over the other,

The helpless other.

The Unconscious ruled.

And called it love.


They could not stand each other.

But they feared being sole.

So they existed together, alone.

People who did not know them

Wished on their anniversary.

And called it love.


They could not live

Without each other.

One died.

And the other committed suicide.

The bards swooned.

And […]

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Hating Everybody

She hated her parents. Oh, they always restricted her dressing!

She hated her classmates. Oh, they were always jealous of her!

She hated her teachers. Oh, they were always unfair with her grades!

She hated the boys. Oh, they always thought too much of themselves!

She hated the canteen waiters. Oh, they always looked unbathed!

She hated the rickshaw […]

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The Unconscious

He had not done well but he did not expect to fail so devastatingly. He went blank for an instant as he sensed the awkward sympathetic glances on him. He smiled as if nothing had happened.

The unconscious laughed.

He stood petrified as his boss yelled at him. At dinner his cook trembled as he berated […]

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Two men prayed for happiness forever. God granted the first man his wish to be happy always in life. God did not give the second man what he wanted.

The first man was happy. All the time. He was happy whatever the circumstances. He was happy while working. He was happy while resting. He was […]

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(Continued from Despair)

The rope snapped. He lay in a daze on the floor. He felt resigned and tired. He slept exhausted on the floor.

The next day he woke up with an acceptance of his fate. He decided to just experience his despair. He did not deny it. He did not try to psych himself […]

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He had lost everything in life. His child had passed away at an early age with cancer. His wife had divorced him soon after. His business had flopped. He was being chased by debtors. There was nothing to look forward to.

He felt no hope. Only anguish. Praying had not changed anything.

Life had treated him […]

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