The man lived in splendid isolation on an island. All Alone.

As he bathed in the morning he thought of how his colleagues would be swarming about their workplace. He smirked as he imagined how they would envy him if they could just see him all solitary.

He fantasized as he chopped wood in the afternoon of how his parents would beg for his forgiveness and for him to return home. He sneered how his ex-wife would resent him being able to manage by himself.

As he ate his dinner at night he snickered as he thought of his so called buddies silently burning with jealousy at his completeness.

He lived all alone.

A month later, after he started living on the island he saw a fisherman landing on the shore. He ran excitedly towards him. He spluttered, “I live all by myself on this island. You must be wondering how content I must be? How come I have no need for anyone else?”

The fisherman looked at him. And walked away.

The man started crying.